MQT72P 5 Amp. Type

尺寸: 78.6mm x 21.5Ø

MQT72P 5 Amp. Type
      ---    TPS (Temperature Power Sensor Controller ) 
      ---    Liquid Temperature Control Thermostat
      ---    Life Cycle 100K~100K Times



  • Operating voltage: AC125V, DC12V/5A, AC250V, DC24 V/3A
  • Maximum operating voltage: AC250V max, DC48V max
  • Temperature setting range: - 10 °C ~110 °C
  • Differential: A rank (4+/-1), B rank (4.5+/-1.5), C rank (6.5+/-1.5), D rank (10+/-2)
  • Temperature setting tolerance: +/-3 when the temperature is below 50 °C


  • It comes with a DIN connector which is screwed into a threaded hole on the side of a liquid tank for a PT3/4" screw.
  • The body is made of brass.
  • Size: 78.6 mm x 21.5φ